RSI Solutions Oy is founded in 2008, with personnel having extensive, over 70 years of experience in professional software and electronics design. Over twenty of those years is gained from participating in space projects.

Work with major multinational companies, and participation in several world-well-known groundbreaking product designs has given us a deep and wide view to embedded electronics designs and markets from commercial to industrial and space segments. Electronics designed by us is currently orbiting in Earth monitoring satellites, and in Mars and Venus space probes. We have also designed some essential parts e.g. in the first Nokia Communicators, and current high-end cellular phones.

We utilize our broad experience for providing an innovative perspective to your design project. We like to think ourselves as not only designers, but versatile problem solvers whose primary task is to solve customer’s design dilemmas with the best possible, sometimes even unorthodox solution.


Very broad experience from various fields of electronics. Over 50 years combined experience from demanding systems.

  • High-Reliability & High-Availability systems; industrial, military, space
    • Participation e.g. in several ESA & NASA projects, 20+ years
    • Fault tolerancy, redundancy-, contingency-planning
    • Components selection, environmental requirements
  • Specialty: Computers & communications, data processing
    • Technology development
    • Architectural, system-level & detailed design
    • Low-power μC, and High-End, High-Speed processors & SoC
    • Optimised memory, communications & processing functions
  • Very broad experience from various technologies
    • Power, analogue-, digital- & mixed-signal design
    • ASIC & FPGA design from definition to tape-out, over 10 large projects
    • Low-level SW design, different core architectures
    • Experience of dozens of different communication technologies
    • Tester design, Design For Test, JTAG
  • Multinational project management, wide international projects

Used technologies, just to name few:

Processor family core technologies:
x86, PowerPC, SPARC, AVR, PIC, MSP430, Renesas H8 & M16, ARM, Cortex

Memory & Memory control:

Communication technologies:
EIA-232/422/485, SPI, I2C, 1-Wire, LVDS, CAN, PCI, SCSI, ISA, EISA, PXI, AMBA, 60x, MPX, IDE ATA, PCMCIA, Mil-Std 1553B, ECSS-E50-12A SpaceWire, USB, Ethernet WLAN & TCP/IP, IrDA, IEEE-1149.x JTAG, COP, HART, Modbus, Profibus, Fieldbus Foundation, ZigBee, etc.

RSI Solutions