Palkkaa rautaiset ohjelmisto- ja elektroniikka-ammattilaiset projektiisi! Ota yhteyttä

RSI Solutions is your innovative partner when you need reliable electronics.

RSI Solutions have experience in designing small and large scale systems from commercial gadgets to industrial systems and demanding space equipment.

We want to offer complete, long-lasting solutions that have exceptional quality.

If you have a need to upgrade an existing system, discover a totally new solution for a new task, or even make a rugged, Hi-Rel system design for military or space segments – RSI Solutions can deliver all that.

Very broad expertise, high degree of competence

  • Long experience from very demanding systems & environments
  • Knowledge of dozens of different technologies & tools
  • Innovative solutions for challenging problems

Flexible services

  • From quick review assistance to large & complete design projects
RSI Solutions