RSI Solutions Oy is your innovative and expert partner for:

  • Embedded electronics designs – segments from consumer devices to industrial systems and harsh environments
  • Architectural, detailed electronics and software design, testing, verification and analysis of high-reliability and high-availability embedded systems
  • Flexible subcontracting from small -, few hours help to large projects
  • Diverse experience and expertise of dozens of different technologies
  • Prototyping and testing capabilities
  • From prototyping to 3rd party manufacturing (interaction with suppliers & manufacturers)

Embedded System Design

  • System Definition
  • Feasibility study, requirements specification
  • Preliminary-, architectural-, system-level design

HW Design

  • Digital & analogue, HDL (FPGA, CPLD, ASIC, IP)
  • Schematics, PCB
  • DFT, Simulations & analysis where feasible

SW Design

  • Low-level software, BSP, BIOS, RTOS, Linux, File systems
  • Integration with HW (Assembly, C)


  • Design & acceptance reviews
  • Test, debug, analysis

Quality and Product Assurance

  • Reviews (schematic, PCB, Assembly, C & VHDL, documentation)
  • Simulations (e.g. ModelSim, PSPICE)
  • Analysis (PSA, FMECA, WCA, Radiation, Thermal)
  • Testing (Verification matrixes, DFT, EMC management)
  • Reporting
  • Extensive, clear and traceable design documentation


  • Costs optimization, DFT, optimized manufacturability
  • Problem solving, finding solutions for problems
  • Sparring and development partner for new ideas
  • Process improvement
  • IPR Consultancy, competitor monitoring
RSI Solutions